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News NATO on Cyber-Attacks
During the Cyber-Conference in Paris on the 15th, Jens Stoltenberg, NATO's Secretary General, laid out a single point statement regarding cyber-security. "It is time we all woke up to the potential of cyber threats."

This year, too many cyber attacks have taken place, walls all around the world were either supplanted by attackers or taken down completely. A handful of banks Mexico, Atlanta, Georgia in the US, and Australia by hackers likely backed by Russia....and that was only several incidents not counting the major ones. With that said, NATO is not completely sure whether a cyber attack on ally would activate Article 5, whereas an attack on ally is considered an attack on all allies. Cyber war, or soft war, is something relatively new if not just now fully focused upon. Governments are not entirely sure how respond to large scale cyber attacks, but some speculate that an appropriate response would be weighed using the purpose, affiliation, and consequences of the attack.

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