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News NSA’s Top Policy Advisor: It’s Time to Start Putting Teeth in Cyber Deterrence
[Image: make_america.jpg]

           Last week, at an industry event in Hanover, Maryland, the former National Security Council cybersecurity policy coordinator and acting Homeland Security Advisor Rob Joyce -- to another top official, stated that its "time to add some teeth to cyber deterrence." 

     This was given precedence during the summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, and US president Donald Trump. The summit was cut short when a 15-month campaign orchestrated by North Korean hackers was continued, targeting US based companies and institutions. 

      This is starting to be taken seriously by many high level state officials, especially after the 2016 US presidential elections, when alleged Russian hackers turned the elections on its head, and allowed for the republican candidate to take office. 

      Once again, many of those are beginning to see the writing on the wall. Seeing that in the advancing digital world, some facets of the government and the cyber-parts of respectively, are going to need to change. We are not in front of the line, in terms of advancement, our allies are, and our enemies are as well. 

      Original article can be found here.

       That was the news folks, have a good week, and stay safe out there.

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