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News NSA Hacking Tools Being Utilized by Cyber Criminals:
[Image: steal-private-keys-from-PC.jpg]

                   If anyone remembers the NSA hacking tools that were leaked some odd years ago, well here we are again, only this time the tools have been found being utilized by cyber criminals and state sponsored hacking groups, to attack various country's infrastructure, one of the main targets being the US. 

         Baltimore, Maryland, as well as counties and towns in Texas, and Pennsylvania have also felt the bite, being hit with tall order ransomware attacks. I'm sure its to nobody's surprise that these tools ended up in the hands of criminals and foreign state sponsored hackers; but to some, this was only a matter of time. 

        While it is well understood in the hacker and INFOSEC community, that sharing knowledge is key to staying informed as well as having the knowledge necessary to advance and further one's skills. But when sophisticated tools make their way into the hands of bad guys, its becomes imperative that creators and developers maintain good security when locking away their home grown software. 

        Original article can be found here.

                  That was the news folks, have a good rest of t he weekend, and stay safe out there.

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