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New Clever Phishing Scam Hits Facebook

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[Image: facebook-logo-hacked-729x445.jpg?x36796]

       Facebook has hit the news once again, this time they are dealing with a clever new phishing scam, this one disguises itself as an SSO [Single Sign On] window. What an SSO basically is, is a feature where a single sign in with a username and password, from any one social media account, or even Google, can allow a user to log into a third party website. Its designed in such a way to make it easier for back-end and client-end users; greatly reducing the number of accounts needed to log into multiple websites. 

   This [fake] SSO, was discovered through Myki, a password management service, Myki discovered a website t hat offered SSO to Facebook. This one was identical to an actual SSO, but it lacked the Facebook API, and also did not interface with the social media site at all. All this scam needed was a username and a password. Again, this was a clever phish, this scam even had HTTPS, and some well written [or copied] HTML. But there was one way that could be used to tell if it was a fake; real SSOs can be fully dragged outside the website they are on, as compared to the fake, which would come out broken and distorted. 

   More methods included the autofill feature not working, the URL not being from Facebook, or for more experienced users the site's source code could be examined. This new method of phishing is only more proof that the attackers are only getting smarter, and we, those in security, should ensure that we are more vigilant and are staying ahead of the curve. 

   Original article can be found here.

    That was the folks, have a good weekend, and stay safe out there. 


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Nice way of Phishing....
* Thankful to Allah *
(02-16-2019, 04:34 PM)Mr.Kurd Wrote: Nice way of Phishing....

Yeah, seriously.
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