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New Version of Echobot Botnet Brings New Exploits to Bare:

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[Image: fccc64972a1527828127_standard_desktop_me...etina.jpeg]

              New version of the Echobot Botnet has appeared, with a threat level similar to Mirai, and bringing 26 new exploits to utilize in breaching systems. This was discovered by a researcher from Akamai, who observed the new botnet in a honeypot system. 

       The new exploits have an advantage that puts the vendors at fault; as some of them are about ten years old, and were never patched by the vendors. The researcher form Akamai stated that attackers are no long using IoT vulnerabilities, but those in web and network devices. As a good number of them are still unpatched by the vendors, hence creating a unique opportunity for attackers to utilize them, or in this case, add them to a botnet. 

       Original article can be found here.

                 That was the news folks, have a good rest of the weekend, and stay safe out there.

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