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News Prowli Malware Fou8nd Targeting Servers, Routers, and other LoT Devices
A new malware, dubbed "Operation Prowli" has been found targeting servers, routers and other devices around the world, this malware uses various attack techniques to breach its intended systems, including the utilization of exploits, password brute-forcing, and abuse of weak configurations.

This new malware is a botnet, and was discovered by researchers at the "GuadiCore" security team. Prowli has already hit 40,000 victim machines  from over 9,000 businesses in a various sectors.

The list of infected services and machines are as follows:
  • Drupal and WordPress CMS servers hosting popular websites
  • Joomla! servers running the K2 extension
  • Backup serves running HP Data Protection software
  • DSL modems
  • Servers with an open SSH port
  • PhpMyAdmin installations
  • NFS boxes
  • Servers with exposed SMB ports
  • Vulnerable Internet-of-Things (LoT) devices
All of the above targets were infected using a known vulnerability or credential guessing

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