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News Redbull Hacked
Recently, Redbull, the company behind the popular energy drink of the same name, had their main webpage compromised not once but twice by two different hackers. The first hacker, "Prosox" has been linked to a previous hack on YouTube vevo where a famous video was removed and a link was left that read "Hacked by Prosox", a similar calling card was left on some extra pages on Redbull's webpage. Upon investigation it was stated that a CMS script was deployed using Drupal. This is just a few days after a new remote execution code was released f or Drupal, once again proving how fast hackers can execute an operation.

The second hack was orchestrated by a hacker called "Shade", this one actually edited one of the pages and left a calling card suggesting that it was him behind the hack. While control was once again acquired by Redbull, it is unknown if any data was leaked. It is also unknown if the Drupal exploit was patched or not.

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