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News Report from Australia: Regards Multiple Breaches
[Image: hacker-cybersecurity_37167.jpg]

               A quarterly report regarding data breaches that happened in Australia, stated that 10 million individuals were affected by a single incident; the total population of Australia is just over 25 million. 

       A large majority of other incidents were attributed to human error, while the minority was attributed to system faults. While the report never stated where the breach came from initially, it did state that only less than 500,000 individuals were affected by a single finance related incident, and Australia's three biggest breaches impacting only about 5,000 individuals. 

       While these numbers may seem small enough to help ease public/consumer opinion, one does have to ponder, on whether any of these breaches could lead to a hole somewhere important. There are always more than criminal gangs roving the internet, searching for holes from which to snag banking credentials or someone's identity, there are also the state sponsored cyber-armies that are becoming more and more prevalent, and a bigger threat with each passing year. 

       Its for reasons like these that we must ensure that, as a global community, as a global network, we practice good security etiquette. 

       Original article can be found here.

                That was the news folks, have a good week, and stay safe out there.

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