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News Russia Has Begun Its Cyber-Attacks
Australia has just been the target of cyber-attacks, just a day or so after the UK and the U.S issued a warning that Russia would be staging a major cyber offensive. Over 400 companies were the focus of this attack, but according to Marise Payne (Defense Minister)  there was no exploitation of anything sensitive. The UK believe that they have identified the persons behind this attack, and likely other attacks in the past, as state sponsored groups working either in Russia or in other countries.

This attack, as well as others, has built up concern over the cyber-activities of Russia. Amidst a tide of cyber-crime in recent months, some wonder if Russia was behind some of them, especially ones that targeted infrastructure and important governmental institutions. Some experts believe that this is just the first of many cyber attacks to come from Russia, and that companies, institutions and businesses both big and small should practice better security, and be more pro-active about potential threats.

-- Sh7nk-Z0id
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