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News Russian Hackers Recieve Warning from US and UK.
The Russian Government once again receives scrutiny pointed at its cyber-war arm. Russian affiliated hackers have been hard at work at trying to seize control of large sectors of the internet, and from here control the stream of data (IE control all of the routers) On top of this most recent event, the hacker's motives have not been uncovered, nor how many devices have been compromised etc.

This is the most recent interaction between Russia and the West, since the airstrikes on Syrian chemical weapons depots just last week. Russia and its western allies have been in a back and fourth in the cyber-world and Russia is at the forefront of it. With the US and UK issuing a warning of a major cyber-offensive by Russia, that may already be underway.

There have been reports and statements by officials that Russia is behind the latest hacks, but no evidence has been brought fourth.
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