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Seattle Family Discovers Person Hacked Their Baby Monitor:

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[Image: 1*TYAzzTJ60x-qg5N81ElU9A.png]

                         This week in Seattle, Washington, two parents discovered someone had hacked into their baby monitor and had been constantly saying "I love you" to their child. On top of this, the camera had also been resetting itself without user input, moving from its standard angle of into their child's crib to different areas around the room. 

            The official report from King 5 News can be found here. 

            As of the writing of this article, the parents have since thrown out the baby monitor. This is not the first time a baby monitor has been hacked. Not many families really research how these things work, which effectively allows malicious actors to hack in and breach family privacy. 

            Original article can be found here.

                           That was the news folks, have a good day, and stay safe out there


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