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News Sheger Payment Gateway Hacked By Shad0wSec
[Image: young-hacker-data-security-concept-84376129.jpg]

    Over the weekend a payment gateway by the name of Sheger was hacked by Shad0wSec, the story is as follows: 

    They stated that they received an email by the hacker himself, claiming to have breached the gateway. They asked the person the following questions:

     "Who are you guys?"

     "I’m Gh0s7 (https://twitter.com/Sc0rp10nGh0s7) from team Shadow Security (Shad0wSec) https://twitter.com/Shad0wS3C"

     "What the name of the secure gateway that you hacked?.."

     "Their name is Sheger Gateway"

    "After exploiting the gateway, what sensitive information did you find?"

            "Information we found included users credentials, Api's, Source code of the gateway and other transaction and personal info."

     "Where have you uploaded the files?"

     "Uploaded to mega.nz"

     "Have you any of proof of this?"
     [Image: Screenshot-2018-11-19-at-14.46.42-768x363.png]

     "What was the motivation for the attack?"

     "Our motives are to show that for a company that brags about their tight security its actually lame."

     "Are there any other points you wish to highlight?"
     "Other points i want to highlight include, companies at this time are so focused in the product they are delivering they forgot to insure its security leaving personal information for whom ever that finds it and that’s wrong and let this be a lesson to the others."

      That was the news folks, have a good week, and stay safe out there.


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