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News Streaming Service Under Siege By IoT Botnet:
[Image: hacker-with-laptop-922359280-5c32d4a546e...1bb991.jpg]

                           An online streaming service was hit hard recently when 402,000 different IPs hit their network with over 292,000 requests per second. Their network was hampered for almost two weeks. The attack itself was described as a Layer 7 DDoS attack. 

            This type of DDoS attack is different from what would be considered a normal DDoS, this type attempts to mimic normal user behavior, consuming resources on a web server by flooding a web with a large number of HTTPS GET/POST requests.

            Amid the investigation, a finger was pointed at IoT devices that were infected with the Mirai malware. But, it turns out that this version isn't the original Mirai, but one of the many variants that were created, after the code was put online to download. 

            Analysis of the IPs that performed the attack, shown that the attack originated in Brazil. Beyond that, the attackers as of yet are still unknown. 

            As the company, has asked to go unnamed in this investigation. 

           Original article can be found here.

                          That was the news folks, have a good day, and stay safe out there.

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