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News Symantec Unvails New Threat Detection Tool
Symantec, a leading cyber-security research company has just unveiled a powerful TDT (threat-detection-tool) that their own research team uses and assisted them in discovering some famous cyber-attacks in the past. This powerful tool will now be available to the public under ATP (Advanced Threat Protection). The TAA (Targeted Attack Analytics) technology has enabled people who use it to utilize the power of machine learning to computerize the search for attacks.

The TAA project has been an ongoing effort by Symantec researchers to create a system that uses the same thought process akin to a team of experts. The investigation team behind the discovery of Lazarus, Regin, Stuxnet, WannaCry and SWIFT, along with a collaboration with Symantec have pushed the boundaries of cyber defense by adding the benefit of artificial intelligence.

According to two top officials at Symantec; Greg Clark (CEO) and Eric Chein (Technical Director of Symantec Security) have stated that the TAA technology replaces the need to emply a team of researchers, and that TAA gives us the opportunity to code and store data more correctly than we have before.

Will this be the first dive into AI being utilized within the consumer market for cyber-security?

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