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News Tensions Between US and China Becoming Shaky
[Image: NewsPic_-_Copy_-_Copy.jpg?width=400&height=156]

    If anyone had been paying attention, then you might know that there has been some tension between the two recently, involving a trade war, an as-of-yet unproven breach of the Technological Supply Chain, and now the arrest and extradition of a Chinese government official. This was announced by the US Department of Justice, of the arrest of Yanjun Xu,  a high ranking director in the Chinese Ministry of State Security. The department the official belonged to is China's counter-intelligence and foreign intelligence agency. 

  But, Xu was not arrested on charges for hacking, but for attempting to commit economic espionage and steal trade secrets. Because of the arrest, the DOJ has warned of impending cyber-attacks from Chinese backed hacking groups in the coming months. This had added tension to already shaky ground between the US and China, and it does not seem to be letting up. There are many who hope that this arrest may actually act as a deterrent against any impending attacks, but this has been proven wrong in the past.

  Reports from US based Cyber-security firms have pegged the MSS [Chinese Ministry of State Security] as the focal point for China's cyber-espionage operations. This department has been busy in the past few years, with a recorded threat intrusion level higher than Russia. This number was supposed to go down... this was under the agreement signed by former US President Obama, and Chinese President Xi. Right after the signing, things did seem to calm down, but during the current Trump administration, this agreement seems to have unofficially dissolved. And now many infosec officials believe that China does not intend to follow by the rules of the agreement anymore, and that the frequency of attacks is going back to what it was before the pact. In regards to that, only time will tell, whether the US ends up in a cyber war with China as well a trade war.

  Xi was arrested in Belgium on April 1st of this year. Details of the arrest and indictment can be found here..

  That was the news folks, you all have a good day, and stay safe out there. 

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