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News The Department of Homeland Security Say Foreign Based VPN’s Pose a Threat to National
[Image: it_photo_112984.jpg]

      VPNs, something that has an even-split on how most users feel about them; some people believe they can add a measure of safety, and chain them together, and there are those who feel they are completely useless. There is a quality argument that can be made by either side. 

   With this said, VPNs... specifically ones that tunnel to countries not allied with the US, are being seen as a threat to US national security. This stems from the rising tensions between the US and China, and the fear that VPNs that tunnel to countries that may want to use that tunnel to reach back and steal sensitive data. Now, this is mostly directed at US intelligence personnel. Two US senators are pushing for DSHS [Department of Homeland Security] to ban VPNs from being used if the person or persons happen to work directly for the government. 

   This is after a long history of espionage and theft by foreign actors of intelligence information and intellectual property. Most of these thefts were by Chinese agents, or through US officials they had coerced into helping them. 

   The aforementioned US senators requested that a threat assessment be made covering VPNs and their use by government contracted workers. 

   Original article can be found here.

   That was the news folks, have a good week, and stay safe out there. 


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