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News The Importance of Penetration Testing
Last year, the world wide economy had lost around 600 billion (or 431 billion euros) to the activities of cyber-crime. That number is a 112 billion euro increase over the span of three years. The revenue that malicious groups garnered from successful hacks has only fanned the flames of cyber-crime. Enter Penetration testing, seen by few as no different from the illegal acts committed by criminals, is what has been groomed to protect companies, financial firms, and delicate infrastructure for years now. It is only growing, but just as the sun rises and sets, so do rise the powers of the malicious hacker. Cyber-crime has seen a stark increase in recent years, with over a dozen major hacks during this years opening months.

There is more to this, than just being the good guy on the other side of the line, its about protecting the treasure chest. What is inside that chest is more than just lost Aztec gold, inside that chest is the fuel and power to orchestrate more hacks. With each successful hack, comes more money, more credit even, and with this comes the thought to commit to more breaches later down the road.

I was told that the dangerous thing a terrorist has is a bomb, or a loyal follower... my version of this, is that the most dangerous thing a terrorist has is a hacker, because that is potential funds gained and supplies saved in the long run. A city wide blackout is just as dangerous as a bomb going off; its something the average hacker should never forget.

Penetration testing is becoming more present in the world wide community, in companies of shapes and sizes. And doing so, without your staff knowing that they are apart of building wide mock phishing campaign is how honest and true results are gathered. Too many times did a hacker breach a wall of security due to human incompetence.

With that said, a company should always consider the dangers and the consequences of a major hack, if customer data is compromised then the faith that the customer had in the company takes a deep dive. This makes it difficult for the company to maintain current clients while at the same time acquiring new ones. Penetration testing, while present in a world where cyber crime is getting stronger and stronger, has the faith to stand strong, and protect world wide web and its subordinates.

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