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News The Race to the 5G is the new race to the Moon! ($$$)
The Race to the 5G is the new race to the moon!


It is a worldwide concurrence project, the first country to deploy the 5G will have dominance on all the future Robot, AI and Self-Driving car market which Finance Expert Evaluate at around 531 Billions US Dollars as they will require 5G, plus they can collect a lot more data in a shortest amount of times...

On the 4G you can download a 2h movie in about 6 Minutes, but on The 5G it is in about 3.5 Seconds.

It is The China and U.S Battle to Control the World's Fastest Wireless Internet

Asia are currently winning the race but American have increase the price or the rare metals that is sold to Asia, they are required components and the most expensive part, used in the conception of wireless communication such cellphone and computer.

Personally i just hope that it won't turn into the best Mass Surveillance Machine ever made!

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sudo eval ./Matrix.exe

Yeaeh, 5G is going to hit like a cannon ball, its going to be slow to come full circle, and hopefully it doesn't go wrong.
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