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News The Shifting Seas: The World of Privacy
[Image: iStock-523091655-1024x683.jpg]

    Eyes, everywhere. Hanging from the roofs of buildings, and perched on stoplights, there are eyes that stand sentinel... watching and listening. They saw you when you got off the bus at the corner, they knew when you went to Starbucks, and likely scanned your license plate when you were driving to work. CCTV is and continues to be big in the UK; there are cameras everywhere. This has only sprung up and grown strong  in the U.S, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. There you have the [Five Eyes] the countries that regard mass surveillance in a necessary manner, on behalf of national security..

    [There has been a lot of rising controversy regarding the purpose, intentions, and ongoing activities of the Five Eyes, and in the post Snowden era, this only strives to grow.]

   There are however, countries that are worse in comparison. The first and foremost being China; within a few years China is hoping to take the lead in making quite basically the most controversial form of surveillance. [Algorithmic Surveillance] This utilizes data mining and AI to create profile on citizens and store them, and with this profiling system they can make use of the new [Citizen Score] which is something in development by the Communist Party of China. What this is for, is basically to "encourage" good citizenship among its people. Should anything happen that might show bad on you, then you will likely see a decrease in your score. ..so on and so fourth.

   Link to the article I read is right below:


   But there are some "variants" of this, that could be seen as benevolent. Enter the advent of [Smart-Cities] cities built to be interconnected. These have been dubbed the cities of the future, and South Korea is taking the lead with the city of [Songdo] A smart city, "the city of the future". This city is truly a marvel, built from the ground up with a promising goal in mind. Imagining the society of tomorrow.  But where this bright city meets with the dictorial rule of China, is surveillance.. and Songdo has it in spades.  As one would expect, coming into this situation with this prior knowledge, eyes.... everywhere. These are all interconnected within Songdo's [Telepresence System] Everything is watched, recorded, and reported in real time. Seems pretty clean cut; if you have nothing to hide, then its okay ...right?

   The link to the article I read is below:


   Speaking of big bro watching you, Google has received a fair bit of scrutiny  after users expressed outrage over Google Chrome 69 apparently logging user activity on Google Sites. This was discovered with Chrome's new [Chrome-Sync] this new ---and unannounced-- feature, was found using an auto login mechanism to  sync anyone's browsing details while visiting a Google owned website. And this is all done without any prior notice. In response to this, a Chrome engineer by the name of Adrienne Porter Felt tweeted:

     "The intent is to prevent a common confusion in shared device situations where the login state of the browser ends up different from the login state of the content area. It does not turn on sync without an additional consent step"
   She has stood by this, that Sync does not start automatically,  and there is a "disable". A tweet by The InfoSec Dragon is as follows:

   "you can go to chrome://flags//#account-consistency

then set it to disabled.

You have to go looking in the experimental flags section and it's only on desktop(so it's only an opt out for technical people who know what to do when they get to the flags page)."
   Imagine this turning on when you access your Gmail account.

   In other news, an interview with a man by the name of Scott Arciszewski, concluded in his complete torching of the use of VPNs; calling them useless and risky. A popular VPN [Nord VPN] was singled out as not having the "military grade encryption" that it markets itself having. Taking a trip through their app code proved this to be true. When asked finally how NordVPN reflected on other VPN providers, he had this to say:

  " Don’t use VPN services. They’re typically run by charlatans. If you need a VPN, set one up yourself. Then you can guarantee whatever privacy protections you desire."

   In short, if you want something done right you should do it yourself. Copy that...

   Well that was it, I hope all is well with all of you, this is the morning news from the one and only ---

 --- Sh7nk-Z0id
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Thank you, Never use Google Chrome Smile
* Thankful to Allah *
Yeah seriously, they have become pretty shady these last few yearrs
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Oh, I see, gotta stop using google chrome, and maybe make the switch to Comodo dragon somehow. Or equivalent.
[Image: SMCLbackground.jpg]
(09-29-2018, 06:26 AM)Jnsystems Wrote: Oh, I see, gotta stop using google chrome, and maybe make the switch to Comodo dragon somehow. Or equivalent.

What about switching to FF?
* Thankful to Allah *

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