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News Thousands of Temperature Control Systems in Hospitals and Supermarket Affected with a
[Image: 1200px-Backlit_keyboard.jpg]

      Multiple security flaws discovered in temperature control systems across thousands of hospitals and supermarkets. Areas and regions affected are the UK, Australia, Israel, Germany, the Netherlands, Malaysia, Iceland, and others. Temperature control systems are typically integrated into what are 'ICS's or Industrial Control Systems. These are made to handle sensitive operations, such as fermentation, drying, and calcification to name a few. The next glaring issue was the security on the back-end, specifically the username and password. Most of them had the default user and '1234' for the password. 

   This is very much cause for alarm, as we go deeper into the digital age, network admins and staff need to practice better security on their internet, and never rely on manufacturer defaults. On top of poorly secured credentials, one admin had left a URL insecure, and it was accessible by imputing the default credentials. 

   With this said, there is always the possibility that any hole in any defense could lead to a catastrophic event, and regardless of what any one person might say, stiff security and proper training are what is it going to take to protect our data and ourselves. 

  That was the news folks, have a good weekend, and stay safe out there. 

     Original article can be found here.

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