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News Two Israeli Hosspitals Upgrade Cyber Defenses
Two of Israel's largest general hospitals have begun adding state of the art cyber-defenses to their medical devices., in light of last year's WannyCry attack that crippled over 600 hospitals in the UK. As certain medical devices have started to advance; they have wireless connections and even bluetooth connections to smartphones, they have begun to garner the same downsides in electronic security as a standard computer or smartphone. With this mind, with past scenarios involving the crippling of a medical sector with the confines of a major city, have that coupled with series of bombings or attacks, or a power gird failure then you have a very sensitive situation on your hands.

The medical sector has so far been kind of isolated from crucial cyber attacks in the sense that its devices never really been targeted, but that is now changing, and these devices are advancing and becoming connected to the wireless ether, and therefore becoming vulnerable to attacks, both large and small scale. Its good that there is country out there that is taking time to realize the repercussions of this and making sure to make ready for a possible attack.

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