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News UK Awaiting Decision Whether to Ban Huawei: Countries are Torn on Choice
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                              Huawei, a Chinese based telecom company, is still awaiting a decision on whether it is to be banned in the UK, the UK has looked to the US for their take on the situation, but it appears to be dicey for all sides. Huawei is well embedded in the coming 5G world, and for those countries that are suspicious of their past dealings with other countries or even who funds them, its a hard choice to make. 

              Most countries that would prefer an alternative over Huawei are stuck between a rock and a hard place. Huawei is the most likely choice to make, but to pass them up and go somewhere else, would add more costs and delays. Recently, the UK elected a new prime minister, Boris Johnson, and he is expected to make a decision soon on how to proceed, if he in line with the US president Trump, then the ban might go up, much to the dismay and relief of the UK. 

             Right now, as it stands, Huawei has both done a lot of things to raise scrutiny against them and some praise as they are a promising candidate for implementing 5G networks across the world, but shady dealings and a shady past leave nobody sleeping quietly. 

             Original article can be found here.

               That was the news folks, have a good day, and stay safe out there.

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