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News US Government Attempts to Force Facebook Into Building a Backdoor in Facebook Chat
[Image: acastro_180828_1777_facebook_0001.0.0.jpg]

    The FBI, during the summer of this year, met with executives from Facebook, requesting them to install back-doors on Facebook Chat, Facebook's chat engine. The FBI's justification for this request is that they are investigating  the MS-13 gang, and needed Facebook's assistance in the matter. Facebook turned down the request. Government authorities in response attempted to hold Facebook for contempt of court for refusing the request..

  The ACLU [American Civil Liberties Union] has requested that court proceedings be unsealed for public viewing and benefit. According to the ACLU, the right to privacy was endangered by this request, and needs to be answered for. 

  They had stated thus: 

  “A core tenet of our democratic system is that the people must have a say in the laws that bind them,” the ACLU said this week. “That’s why secret judicial proceedings and opinions are particularly troubling. Yet this past summer, a critical legal dispute potentially affecting the private communications of millions of Americans was litigated entirely in secret.”

  This is not the first time that authorities have tried to strong arm a social media or tech company to access encrypted or locked data. 

   That was the news folks, have a safe week, and stay safe out there.



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Sadly to see and read that....
* Thankful to Allah *
(12-05-2018, 04:22 PM)Mr.Kurd Wrote: Sadly to see and read that....

Only shows how far the government is going to maintain dominance over the airwaves
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