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News US Intelligence Agencies Calls Out Hauwei For CCP Funding
[Image: main-qimg-0790d8df5c84535e6833c2b67fa5e2c9]

          Huawei is once facing scrutiny from the US as the CIA calls them out for receiving funding from the CCP, and attached intelligence departments. This isn't helping Huawei much; this is after Huawei was banned by multiple countries in the Five Eyes Alliance, and this all stems from the US initially. 

     It definitely does not help Huawei very much, and despite the pleading from their CEO, they are still under major scrutiny from the US and other nations as well. The company itself stands in the shadow of the CCP, and what has been shown to the world in recent years, causes others to suspect that the CCP may have more of a hand in their projects than they may be letting on. 

     With the evidence mounting against Huawei, only time will tell which end of the spectrum, comes out on top.

     Original article can be found here.

           That was the news folks, have a  good day , and stay safe out there.

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