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News US Launches Cyber Attack on Iran in Retaliation for Drone Downing:
[Image: .jpg]

              Within the last few days, the US has launched a cyber attack on Iranian based missile and computer networks, in retaliation for Iran downing a US drone over what Iran claimed, was Iranian airspace. The US has responded justly, stating that it was shot down over international waters, and was an unprovoked attack. 

      In response to the cyber attack by the US, the Iranian state sponsored cyber group, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, has waged a mass cyber campaign against the US. Both states have been trading shots, both verbally, and over the airwaves, amid rising tensions between the two nations. The US has been casting heavier sanctions on Iran due to them attempting to manufacture nuclear weapons. There was supposed to be a US sanctioned strike against Iranian military targets, but the US president halted it just 10 minutes prior to the strike arriving at its target, the strike was in response to alleged Iranian sponsored attacks against oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz. 

      As of now, the two nations are in a tense stand off, alongside their allies, the world is waiting to see what happens, and everyone is holding their breath, as a war between the US and Iran could spark a major conflict that the world may not be ready for. 

      Original article can be found here.

            That was the news folks, have a good rest of the weekend, and stay safe out there.


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