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News Ukrainian Police Arrest 6 Hackers Linked to DDoS and Financial Attacks
[Image: hacker.jpg?x=442&y=293&crop=1]

    Within the last couple weeks,  in Ukraine, two separate hacker groups were hit by authorities, resulting in the arrest of six individuals. These six people all aged from 20 to 30 years of age, were arrested for breaching the computers of individuals and leaving a custom Trojan on their computers, in a bid to steal their banking credentials. 

    The suspects, the first four from last week, stole over five million Hryvnia.(That is well over 170,000 in USD) This was done by leaving a Trojan, keylogging their various credentials, and then using those credentials to wire money from their accounts to the accounts of the attackers, they finally left a backdoor on their systems for likely, later pilfering. 

    Two other suspects were also arrested for performing DDoS attacks against public media and educational institutions. In the report put fourth by the authorities, the two men created their DDoS tool to send automatic queries to their target systems. These two men are facing up to six years in prison, in accordance with article 361 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. 

    That was the news folks, have a safe week, and stay safe out there.


    Link to original article can be found here.
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