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News Update Your iPhones And Androids Now If You Don't Want Your Bluetooth Hacked
In The Name OF Allah
Al-Salam Alekum

[Image: 960x0.jpg?fit=scale]

Quote:There’s a potentially serious vulnerability affecting Bluetooth that could lead to leaks of private data from Apple, Google and Intel-based smartphones and PCs. Patches are being made available, so concerned users should update where they can. Millions, if not hundreds of millions or billions, of devices are likely affected.

Quote:Devices containing Bluetooth from a range of vendors—including Apple, Intel, Broadcom and Qualcomm—are all affected. That’s according to a warning from the U.S. Computer Emergency Response Team, run out of the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute. It described a vulnerability that was the result of a missing check on keys during the process of encrypting data sent over Bluetooth connections. More specifically, it was a missing validation contained in the method of encryption used in Bluetooth, a standard known as the “Diffie-Hellman key exchange.”


Wa Salam Alekum
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I have a firefox os phone.  IS there still risk? I have other android devices but never use Bluetooth on them, should i still be worried?

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