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News Users Will Now Have to Pay for Extended Security
[Image: g6eXvytqsXJyMkyFyPL2ED.jpg]

    Windows 7's End-Of-Cycle is nearing, which has caused Microsoft to try and accommodate those who are still using Windows 7 as a main operating system. These included average internet users as well as large corporations. Although, there is a catch, users of Windows 7 will have to pay for extended security support and utilize paid plans.

    There are unfortunately quite a few corporations, which are sizable, that still use Windows 7. These companies will have to either adaprt with the extended security support plans, or migrate to the Windows 10, the latter would take some time, but it could be a better choice to make as the price of support plans is supposed to increase every year. Windows 7 Extended Security Updates [ESU] are to be sold on a per-license basis, and will be available to all customers who are using Windows 7 Enterprise or Professional subscriptions. Windows 7 ESU will be supported till 2023.

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Ohh yeah people still using it, I know many who are using this OS. I'm sure no one will pay to do an update.

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