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News Vulnerabilities in Atlantis Word Processor.
[Image: cybersecurity-image2.png]
    We all have heard of CISCO at one point or another. They are a large and multinational tech-company that develops and manufactures networking equipment and other services. Today, a report from Cisco Talos detailed various vulnerabilities in the Atlantis Word Processor. 

  The researchers, a Cory Deuplantis and Ali Rizvi-Santiago came upon the eight code vulnerabilities, some of these that could allow for code execution, and they were found through multiple versions of the software, with some of the flaws affecting other versions other than their own. 

  The eight vulnerabilities are as follows: 
  •   1.   Uninitialized TDocOLeObject Code Execution Vulnerability.  
  •  2. Word Document Complex Piece Descriptor Table Fc.Compressed Code Execution Vulnerability:
  •   3. Empty TTableRow TList Execution Vulnerability:
  •  4. Document Endnote Reference Code Execution Vulnerability: 
  •  5. Uninitialized Length Vulnerability: 
  •  6. Windows Enhanced Metafile Code Execution Vulnerability: 
  •  7. JPEG Length Underflow Code Execution Vulnerability: 
  •  8. Office Open XML TTableRow Double Free Vulnerability: 
  The vulnerabilities were discovered and reported to the vendors in early September. In turn, the flaws were patched up, they then released an updated version for the public on September 26th. The current version is 

  That was the news, folks. Take it easy. 

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