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Project Android APP
Hey there. Today i'll be starting a new project on this forum.
We all can say that most likely none of the apps that do exist are functional at all.
(And I guess everyone at least once has thought about being in watchdog)

So, let's dive into our imagination and develop ourselves a new software that solves our problems.

I'll split this project in parts

1 - Definition: Around here we'll be theoretical, as we choose what it should have, engines, languages and etc.

2- Developing: At here we should dive into coding and compiling fun.

3- Testing: And finally test it out anywhere.

Everyone can help. let's start it, don't go for low word posts, make texts, explain your ideas, you are free to say whatever you want.

My basic idea is to include functions in a main application, such as RAT and Spoofing.
The spoofing should be done by Wi-Fi, but i was wondering if there is a way to use Bluetooth to mess up in the victim's device and make it by mistake send us a copy of the data they look up.
Also should be possible to install a keylogger so we can get messages from apps like fb or wpp without any effort.

Simple functions easily reproduced on PC, but slowly and hardly reproduced on a smartphone.
For security, we could add a function that randomize our MAC address, Bluetooth address and make our phone invisible to others even when connected to anyone. if no one can see us, no one will be able to track us.

//Update#1 - thought about using the smartphone as an extension of the PC.
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  • Mr.Kurd
Actually nice project but it need time.
We can start slowly under Red Sec name.
About the Key Logger yeah you can use Java but you need to use C or C++ with him, And for the bluetooth You can use any sort of spoofing.
For changing the mac address you can use this way through Android Files:


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