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Project New forum rank bars

I make this ranks bar for only RS forum.
that why there no download i not share with other cause this one is take so many time to do so i am sorry about not share with you'll.
If you want to use go to facebook page and message there.

Ranks Look
[Image: MwQMQHm.png]

Yes i name with this forum but the rank bar are clean i didn't put this forum name also i use this forum user group color code as will also if you want to use for your forum like i say above and i will do it for you.
Notice: Download is never upload in here!
Those are nice bro but you forgot two Banned and Super Moderator Role Wink
I hope you fix that my bro... If you done send me will set it up very soon..
* This is My Home *
That bad cause i deleted everything

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