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[Resource List]
Hi there! I'm sure you all need resources from time to time, and I would just like to provide a few here. First things first, if you want to learn coding, and are a complete beginner, please take the time to take a peak at https://www.sololearn.com It is a website designed to teach different coding and programming languages at no cost, {One way I learned Python Wink}  Another good place to check is Red Sec's library, we have plenty of free and ready-to-download PDF's, not to mention there is now a public library server hosted by Red Sec members, all is welcome, and feel free to throw in a book request if you can't find what you're looking for! Not to mention that Trainers are always readily available at almost any time. The best way to contact them is via Discord, however messaging here works too!! Last but not least, feel free to ask older members resources they use, many members specialize in specific areas, and could be a great learning resource. All in all, Red Security offers its members ample opportunities to learn freely, at your own pace, and at virtually no cost to you. 

Happy hunting!
~Miss Skeleton~
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Yeah, Actually that website is very useful point for beginners.
Thank for sharing it here.
* Thankful to Allah *

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