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Sources of information.
How's it going guys.

 I was wondering where you guys go to learn and kind of how you made your start in the tech world. I know this question is very vague and doesn't have a definitive answer, but I just wanted to see what you guys respond with. Did you learn through reading, taking a course, or did you just get hands on with it. Also was wondering if there is any forums like this one you guys like to browser or post in. Not to say there is anything wrong with this server, I think it's great. Was just wondering if there are any other you guys take a liking too. Thanks for all of your help.
I hope you are doing well @ac3r, For me my journey started when I had interest in programming.. So from a friend I have got a pdf and visual basic IDE, and start making custom forms, calculators and many more things. Inside these books I have found one of them talking more about keyloggers and RATs, that book was interesting. Then when I reached internet the first thing to do was searching for hacking community and course. I have found an Arabic forums like this. it was hard or rough start as I hadn't really any idea about what is going on but ehh after 1 to 2 years slowly I start learning different kind of Exploits and Vulns included LFI, RFI, XSS and SQL. Finding these kind of vulns was easy actually in past today it is not as easy as before. I had never taken any course but my strategy of learning is "Learn or Search for what I really need to know!!" so not taking a whole course hours of watching videos or reading for nothing. I would read 10 articles just to get my answer but not gonna take any course.

I hope you best of luck
* Thankful to Allah *

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