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Tutorial How to use 3 VPN programs/ Software all at the same time on Microsoft Windows 10 OS.
Hi everyone,

I just figured out another way to stay safe online so I decided to post it here on the Red Security Forum for everyone else to do as well to stay safe online too. So this is how to use 3 VPN programs/ Software all at once without them interfering with each other method.

Please note: This method is for normal privacy use, Not for illegal use, I don't think it will be safe to use for illegal use but it will be safe to use for normal privacy use.

Step one, First, Run your main VPN program/ Software first, For example, ExpressVPN, NordVPN, MullvardVPN, ProtonVPN, CyberGhost VPN Program/ Software, Or whatever other main VPN program/ Software that you use.

Then step 2. Run the Psiphon3 VPN program/ Software.

Step 3. Run the Opera Web Browser VPN program/ Software.

And done, You are now running 3 VPN programs/ Software all at the same time. (The Opera Web Browser VPN Program/ Software is optional, You can just use two VPN programs/ Software if you want but that is up to you).

Please note: This was only tested on the Microsoft Windows 10 Pro OS, I am not sure if it will work on Apple MAC OS or on the Linux Distros/ OS since the Psiphon3 program/ Software only works on Microsoft Windows 10 OS (For now). You can try doing this on the Linux Distros/ OS too with another VPN program/ Software similar to the Psiphon3 VPN program/ Software and see if it works or not, Then you can come back here and let us know.

Please also note: The Psiphon3 VPN program/ Software and the Opera Web Browser VPN program/ Software may log IP Addresses so never use them alone without activating your main VPN program/ Software that logs no IP Addresses, Information and etc... First, So you are completely safe online.

And One last side note: Your Internet connection speed will depend on which VPN program/ Software VPN Server you choose, If you choose a VPN program/ Software VPN Server that is far away from the country you live in then your Internet connection may be slow/ Slower but If you choose a VPN program/ Software VPN Server that is in the country you live in or if you choose a VPN program/ Software VPN Server of a country that is near the country you live in then your Internet connection should be Fast/ Faster).

If you need any help then please write to me below in the comments section or chat with me on the Red Security Forum website Discord Chat Server.





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