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Tutorial What's the difference between HTTP and Socket?
In The Name OF Allah
Al-Salam Alekum

[Image: ?u=https%3A%2F%2Ftse4.mm.bing.net%2Fth%3...3D15.1&f=1]

What's the difference between HTTP and Socket? Tongue

Between a Server and Client we have Request and Response. HTTP protocol on the Client side can send Request to the Server and Server send Response to the Client. This mean The server Can't send request to the Client and Client can't send response, so let's have an example: You will browser a page on internet using protocol HTTP. You had just send a Request to the Server. The server will send back the page content in response to your Request. Rolleyes

[Image: ?u=https%3A%2F%2Ftse1.mm.bing.net%2Fth%3...3D15.1&f=1]

After Developing on Internet we needed another protocol which provide us Request/Response between Client and Server as we have in Chat application or on Social media. The answer was a Socket, which provide Request/Response on both side. You can now chat with your friend on a Social media you will send a message to your friend and he will message back you or Video chat. Big Grin

[Image: rxab6500.gif]

I'm done, if you have any question please feel free asking here  Heart

Wa Salam Alekum
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