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Viedo Editor for linux
In The Name OF Allah
:rolleyes:   Al-Salam Alekum  :blush:

[Image: slide1.png]

Hi guys, I liked this Editor on linux so I want to share it with you:
Official website: https://kdenlive.org/

Kdenlive is an acronym for KDE Non-Linear Video Editor. It is primarily aimed at the GNU/Linux platform but also works on BSD and MacOS. It is currently being ported to Windows as a GSOC project.

Installing for Debian:
PHP Code:
sudo apt-get install kdenlive 

Installing for Arch:

PHP Code:
sudo pacman -S kdenlive 

This is the full list: https://kdenlive.org/download

Okay type "kdenlive" in terminal the program will start :P

:heart:  Wa Salam Alekum  :heart:
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Nice video editer
[Image: Mh9wqWO.png]
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(11-04-2017, 03:27 PM)DarkCode Wrote: Nice video editer

Thank you my bro. Smile
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