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What do we have? What dont we have?
[Image: Hapiness-630x420.jpg]

In the name of Allah, the most beneficent, the most merciful
Al-Salam Alekum
What do we have?  What don’t we have?
I sincerely hope that, by reading this article, it will make your day. My goal is to clarify the right way of getting happiness and discuss the concept of money. What can money really do? Do you know that there is a treasure of happiness right next to you? And how can we all find this treasure?

What do we have?
I did research and found countless things that prove to be a source of happiness. Most of these are closer than you think. I will start by naming ones family whom always support us to become better. They are lighting the dark way for us and furthermore, they always seem to put their trust in whatever you do. No matter what, they will put your well being above theirs. It made me think of something I experienced in my own family. One day I returned home, only to find my dear star, my mom, cooking my favorite meal for lunch.  I sat on the sofa taking a rest from an exhausting day, only to be greeted by my cute sister and loving brother who happened to bring me a cup of water. Then, A man whose presence; lit up the room. My Dad, who works hard daily for feeding us, entered the room. I greeted him with a face full of happiness, kissed his hand and just like that, he forgot his tiredness. This is the strength of family! This is our everyday treasure of happiness. IF I didn’t find happiness here, where can I?
Now, let’s continue about another everyday treasure: our body. We have hands, eyes, ears, feet…..etc. I’ll discuss one of the most, if not the most important part of your body which is the heart. Have you ever thought about it? While you are running or sleeping this pump won’t stop! It is working daily and night just to keep you alive. It pumps 7600 liters of blood daily. These are only two everyday treasures out of many that should make you feel blessed and happy each and every day.

What don’t we have?
All I found is money! What is money?
I hear people saying money is life, money is happiness?! Which of them are right? What can money do? Moreover, how much money is needed to reach happiness? Money can be used to make our life better; we can use money as a mean for having a better life. Yet, our life should not revolve around money nor will money be the mean of reaching happiness. Money can’t buy a family, can’t buy a real friend for you. It can’t forward time for you to see someone who you had lost. While we were busy by making money, we forget that one day we will lose our friends and family. What can money do now? Forwarding time? The answer is: No. So while you still have a chance of spending time with your friends and family, make sure you use this opportunity to do so. You have all the means to reach happiness and to be happy.
Thank you for reading. Heart


Wa Salam Alekum
* Thankful to Allah *

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