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When Will Hackers Become the Commodity They Deserve To Be?
I have always pondered, a hacker is supposed to be able to either breach or protect a system, or both. Now when we think of system, we think computers. When we think of computers, we think of networks. These are the important spokes in the wheels that turn so that modern society may run smoothly. They assist in holding up the economic, military, government, and societal infrastructure. And as we head deeper into a more digitized society, we begin to see that from this blooming orchid that is technological evolution, sharp thorns spring from its stem. 

Within this supposed self technological Eden, there would likely be two-maybe-three times the amount of "hackers" than what we see today. (Hackers in quotations as the name could change, depending on various circumstances.)  This could mean, and this is still arguably hypothetical, that due to specific circumstances these individuals could be more "Contract Hackers" than say "Company Contracted Pentesters." 

(Furthermore, these individuals would be coming from the Millennial generation, now factor that in.)

Food for thought. 
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There are very little company contracted pentesters. Arguably it could be considered a security risk to have contracted pentesters.

Whether well know names like facebook, or your local independent business, most would use the process of responsible disclosure in an effort to strengthen their security - effectively calling on the services of hackers all around the world with the reward of a bug bounty for those hackers who have identified vulnerabilities.
As people in the developing world get access to more computers and have limited hacking laws, they will surely become more content common, especially hiring from overseas (for cracking)
Very interesting question. I think the answer is they won't become respected until neoliberalism is proven not to work. Those with money, and those who are controlled by money, still think that human beings are expendable and that anything a human can do will eventually be replaced by a machine. they would prefer this because machines don't complain about work conditions or living conditions and since they are not in business to make people's lives better or make communities stronger, they don't care that this would result in millions of people having no income. even those who seek to replace income with a basic stipend don't understand that life needs to have meaning. And none of these corporations have realized that if people continue to lose jobs, at some point they will run out of customers. Many are already diversifying though, since they can make as much revenue supplying only the rich or other corporations with goods, or even just from government grants and playing the stock market.

this leaves them completely vulnerable to cyber warfare of course. the countries that get on the right track will never actually win vs those that don't, but they will minimize losses such that government revenues can be spent more on people than on propping up corporations.

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