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Who am I?
Dear reader,

My name is Evo, WhiteCasper, or DeadPatch. I starting getting into hacking in 2014. I learned many things throughout the years. I am still learning of course. I was in some hacking groups know as New World Hackers (NWH), PhantomSquad, and my group called Rav3nSec. I know how to do recon which I'm best at, Blind SQL, and a little xss. I dislike coding. However, if I have to code I can write python, vb.net, html, css, C#, and php. I have my own website, but I'm not going to post it here. I starting getting into OpPedo. which I based Rav3nSec around. We are looking for more members to join. If you want to join DM. Mr.Kurd has joined my Rav3nSec discord which is awesome. Thank you for having me.

From WhiteCasper
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I enjoyed reading your intro tho, Welcome. Enjoy your time on the forum and if you need help pls PM me here or on the Discord.

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