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Who can learn me hacking??

[EDIT BY 3WAY]~ Please keep your posts in the right board.
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A lot of people in this forum can. Try searching tutorials and such on this forum, also I recommend you to run a Linux distribution such as Kali Linux or BackTrack.
If you experience any problems or have any specific questions, don't hestitate to post them.
I am in control, so should you.
(and Mr.Kurd should make me adminWink
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I am sorry, but, if you have to ask that question, then to me you have already shown you do not have the mindset of a hacker.

There are tutorials across this forum. Ideally you would also need to learn 2 or 3 coding languages (at least).

Then to be proficient in your field, you will have a lifetime of learning.

Good luck.
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If you are starter
Here where to learn lol https://redsecurity.info/cc/Forum-Programming
If you need any designs let me know.

P.S: Nothing is easy
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