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Full Version: Amazon Ring Discloses Vulnerability And Authorities Granted Access To DNA Data:
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               In a controversial decision, a judge granted Law Enforcement the ability to legally access entire databases containing information on millions of people. These databases are for storing DNA related information of those who have sent in samples; this is akin to 

       This has raised some concerns about privacy, rightfully so, the justification for this move was to assist in solving cases that have long gone cold. 

       Only one of a few of these outlets have complied with authorities, within twenty four hours after the warrant was signed. 

       In a second report, Amazon Ring has just recently disclosed a vulnerability that, turns out, was discovered in September, and while it has been patched, they are still only now reporting. 

       The vulnerability allowed any nearby hackers to snag the WiFi password that passed through the air from the Ring, when it connected to the network. If an attacker was able to so easily acquire the WiFi pass, they would be granted access to the wireless network, allowing for traffic monitoring and surveillance. 

       This is just the most recent in a dangerous trend for smart home devices, as the vulnerabilities for most of them, are mounting. 

       First report can be found here. 

       Second report can be found here.

                That was the news folks, have a good day, and stay safe out there.