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Full Version: Good Guy Malware: Linux Virus Removes Other Infections to Mine on Its Own
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    Coin miners, a type of malware that has sprung up in recent years due to the surge in popularity in crypto-currency. They have quickly evolved over recent years, becoming far more complex and sophisticated, allowing them to better avoid detection. 

  A new variant has popped up, discovered by a vendor 'TrendMicro' this new miner that affects Linux is able to run without anyone being aware of it, and also has been observed removing other malware and miners that it finds on the system it has invaded. 

  TrendMicro's analysis can be found here. 

  According to TrendMicro, this new miner downloads a modded version of XMR-Stak, a crypto-currency miner that is aimed straight at Cryptonight currencies and can also use most CPUs, including Nvidia, and AMD GPUs for most of its processes. 

  Original article can be found here.

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