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Full Version: APT Hackers Targeting Windows platform to Attack Government Institutions & Corporatio
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          Again, a new wave of cyber-attacks from Chinese state-sponsored group "APT-C-36" has hit multiple sectors in Columbia; including financial, petroleum, and the professional manufacturing sector as well. These attacks have been on-going since April of 2018, and have been orchestrated using spear-fishing with password protected RAR attachments. 

    Security research group "360 Threat Intelligence Center" stated that they discovered almost 29 bait documents, 62 Trojans and multiple malicious domains. Most of the spear fishing emails were distributed using malspam emails with an attached MHTML macro. 

    The hacker group has been also spoofing Colombian government websites, such as the website for National Directorate of Taxes and Customes, a banking website called Banco Agrario, and the website for the Colombian National Cyber Police. 

    This is all amidst a surge of interest in South America, by the Chinese government [CCP](Chinese Communist Party), mostly concentrated in Venezuela. The CCP has had a vested interest in Venezuela; they have sold a large amount of surveillance equipment to the Venezuelan government. While we cannot fully know what is happening behind the curtains, between this two countries, we can assume that the Venezuelan government and the CCP may not have the best interests in mind. 

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