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Full Version: New Thai Laws Allow Government to Access Information Without Warrants: Report
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                    Thailand has recently passed a new Cyber Security Law that gives the government absolute power to search, seize, all computer systems, and make copies of any information garnered therein, all without a warrant. This was passed Thursday, and is to be run by a private committee, named the Cybersecurity Committee, their job will be to summon individuals for questioning, and go out and enter private property etc. No courts are to be informed until after the fact. 

         This is the most recent addition to a dangerous trend in Thailand; they have already passed very serious internet censorship laws, this includes requesting certain social media platforms, such as Facebook, and Twitter to block any content from the country itself. Thailand is not the only country that has taken a "conservative" approach to the internet. In December, Australia passed new rules in regards to encryption. 

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