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Banned Users List
Username Reason Banned By Ban Date Unban Date
Dortaku Spam Mr.Kurd 07-22-2018 N/A
Agnes Garden Spam Mr.Kurd 08-18-2018 N/A
PenelopeJim Spam Mr.Kurd 08-18-2018 N/A
Alexander Coffey Spam Mr.Kurd 08-22-2018 N/A
Dick Spam Mr.Kurd 09-11-2018 N/A
srzfv183 Spam Mr.Kurd 09-17-2018 N/A
StanleyWarner Spamming Mad-Architect 10-09-2018 N/A
Laurel Micah Spamming Mad-Architect 10-24-2018 N/A
AlbertNewton Spam Mr.Kurd 10-26-2018 N/A
ConstanceSpender Spamming Mad-Architect 10-29-2018 N/A
Xreal3 Spam Mad-Architect 11-07-2018 N/A
Chanp Brian Spamming Mad-Architect 11-09-2018 N/A
PagGuy Spamming Mad-Architect 11-27-2018 N/A
khanroni Spam Mr.Kurd 11-29-2018 N/A
zhanjiao1212 Spam Mr.Kurd 11-29-2018 N/A
Malinagobby Spam Mr.Kurd 12-05-2018 N/A
Winni Jennings Spam Mr.Kurd 12-10-2018 N/A
AsaJenny Spam Mad-Architect 12-19-2018 N/A
Jeff Stockwell Spam Mr.Kurd 12-27-2018 N/A
Richie Bosz Spam Mr.Kurd 01-06-2019 N/A