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Untold Number of Facebook User's Passwords Found On Exposed Server:

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[Image: 1*TYAzzTJ60x-qg5N81ElU9A.png]

                                   People are once again placing Facebook under heavy scrutiny after an exposed server was discovered with, in total, more than 419 million user records. According to the report by TechCrunch, the data included a unique Facebook account ID, which can be used to determine the user's actual name, as well as phone numbers.

                But the worst of it is, is that the server had no password protection, which means anyone with an internet connection could view the information. 

                This comes as another blow to whatever resolution Facebook might've wanted to put forward, as the Cambridge Analytica scandal is still fresh in people's minds. Many people still believe that Facebook really doesn't understand how to handle people's data, or they flat out just don't care. 

                Earlier this year, Mark Zuckerberg stated that Facebook was going to become more privacy focused, and that the "future is private", but given the last several months, these words might have fallen on deaf ears.

                Original article can be found here [Original author: Graham Cluley]

                                    That was the news folks, have a good day, and stay safe out there. 


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