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News Accused CIA Leaker Faces New Charges
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSpQyIm2r-a3HICAMNsyjv...bZlc8e2qUF]

    Joshua Adam Schulte, a 30 y/o former CIA computer programmer, who was indicted about four months ago for heading up a large leak of classified info from within the agency, has just been issued three new charges. 

  This happens after Schulte issued a latter to the federal judge over "cruel and unusual" punishment whilst in pre-trial detention. Schulte was arrested in August of 2017 and was charged with possession and transportation of child porn. It was not until June of this year, that prosecutors were able to bring a 13-count superseding indictment against him; this was over the alleged theft of 8,000 classified documents to WikiLeaks. 

  One of the new charges against Schutle is "unlawful transmission and attempted transmission of classified national defense secrets" from prison and also a contempt violation. Schulte pleaded not guilty to the charges related to child porn and has denied any involvement in the leaks designated "Vault 7 Leaks"

  That was the news folks, have a good Friday and enjoy your weekends. 

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