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News Fin7 Hacks BurgerVille and Canadian Telecom Found Exposing Data
[Image: news.jpg?width=400&height=156]
    Here we are, with yet again another breach, two to be exact, one against the fast-food restaurant Burgerville and the second against a Canadian Telecom company. Burgerville suffered a long term breach that dates back to September of last year. The breached resulted in the loss of credit car information, for a number of customers. the exact number is unknown. The actors named in this breach are Fin7, a hacking ground famously known for their big number heists.

  FBI has been working alongside Burgerville to expedite the investigation; informing them early on to hold off on reporting so as not to alert the hackers. As of this posting, no arrests have been made. 

  It is not reassuring by any stretch when a company has their customer data, just hanging out for all to see. Such was the case for Canadian Telecom Company, Altima. Fortunately, it was a hole that was discovered by a White Hat, and was patched up as soon as it was found. According to the researcher, there was the motherload of data that was available, and if a hacker had breached the server, they would have been able to steal all the data that the company was keeping. They thanked the researcher and will be taking more caution in the future. 

  That was the news, thank you reading and stay safe out there.

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