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News Siegeware: When criminals take over your smart building
[Image: smart-home.jpg]

           Siegeware, a new type of attack that involves taking control of a target's house, or in this case, a smart house. Surprisingly enough, this might be more common than one would think. As we advance deeper into the digital age, we are becoming more inter-connected with the internet, our houses included. 

     This typically happens to large industrial, or business buildings. Generally a skyscraper. An attacker could target the BAS system, or the "Building Management System", this sometimes has a remote access point, and is a prime vector of attack for malicious actors. The attacker could take the building controls away from the owner, and offer to return control to them, usually for a hefty fee. 

     This is becoming more and more common, as information security becomes more mainstream, and sought out for potential job opportunities, more people, mainly the malicious ones, are seeing the writing on the wall, and are already implementing attack methodologies that will only become more useful as time progresses. 

     To add to this, many sectors have systems that are either poorly managed or not protected at all. Data centers, building HVAC systems, and even systems belonging to trade sectors, such as maritime trade, are egregiously unprotected, and cyber-criminals regardless of creed or motive, constantly make moves to prove this true. 

     Again, as we delve deeper into the age of full connectivity, be warned, that this brings more unknowns than we care to recount. 

     Original article can be found here.

      That was the news folks, have a good week, and stay safe out there. 


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