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News Yahoo and AOL Found to Still Scan Emails For Ad Campaigns
[Image: Yahoo-and-AOL-scan-emails-800x445.jpg]

      The art of targeted ad campaigns, selling off user data to buyers so that they can see who might be interested in what, has been a long time
methodology used by many companies in various forms. At one point customers from a lot of these companies, a good majority of them being email services, the scanning of
user inboxes stopped... but some companies, two of them being Yahoo and AOL... still continue this. Their parent company, -- Oath -- is reported to still sell off data to advertisers.

    Oath may scan more than 200 million users' inboxes to collect data; this is justified by calling it a move to provide their users with targeted ads. Respectively this is stated in in their
privacy policy.

“Oath may use device IDs, cookies, and other signals, including information obtained from third parties, to associate accounts and/or devices with you… Oath analyzes and stores all communications content, including email content from incoming and outgoing mail.  This allows us to deliver, personalize and develop relevant features, content, advertising, and Services.”

    But they do state, also in their privacy policy, that they do not share any PLL data that belong to the users.

“We may share aggregated or pseudonymous information (including demographic information) with partners, such as publishers, advertisers, measurement analytics, apps, or other companies… We do not share information that personally identifies you (personally identifiable information is information like name or email address) with these partners, such as publishers, advertisers, measurement analytics, apps, or other companies.”

   There is speculation of whether Oath is the only one that is canning emails, tech giants such as Microsoft, Apple, Google have halted this practice, but Oath's continuation of this practice has many unnerved.

Doug Sharp, Oath's VP for Data Management, had this to say:

“Email is an expensive system. I think it’s reasonable and ethical to expect the ‘value exchange,’ if you’ve got this mail service and there is advertising going on.”

     With that said, they also stated that they will always allow their customers to opt-out of this process.

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Sadly tho, Customers are victims always.
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